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“You would look so much better if you lost some weight-“


“You would be so much cuter with make up-“


“Make sure you shave or wax way all that body hair-“


“You shouldn’t wear that-“


“You would be beautiful if you just changed how you look-“


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Saguaro Cacti, Saguaro National Park, AZ

Kitt Peak National Observatory is in the background, on the left. The Observatory sits atop Kitt Peak, 6880 feet up in the Quinlan Mountains, 55 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ.
The observatory features the largest and most diverse gathering of astronomical instruments in the world, with 23 telescopes. by John-Haig

The shades of colour are a spectacle in themselves.

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Gardin Orange Peel Chicken at Yard House for my birthday

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