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Raw Opal Specimen

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I remember Meg’s story very clearly. She was in love with a man before Hercules. When he died, she sold her soul to Hades just to bring the man back to life. Once he was alive again, he left Meg for another woman, even though she gave up her soul for him. Of course this would scar Meg, which was why she couldn’t trust men, especially with her heart. Disney used to be so deep and meaningful, what happened?

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My favorite thing in Universal Studios is the Jurassic Park area. The coolest part, besides the animatronic dinosaurs, is all of the branding and attention to detail. It makes you feel like you could actually be in a park of dinosaurs. This was the pizza cafe near the River Ride (it had just started to rain which made it feel even more like the movie).

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The Incredible Hulk

Islands of Adventure

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